Our qualified team at MP Roofing are aware of the need for general repairs to older roofs. We will assist with repairs to rust affected and faulty box gutters, downpipes, flashings and the like. We can also arrange for the re-bedding and pointing of tile roofs. Other repairs range from lead flashing, broken tiles, chimney flashings etc.

Maintenance is something that is often forgotten about. Regular maintenance and cleaning is something that we should adopt in order to prolong the life of our roofing system. Depending on your location ie: coastal or bushland, this would determine the frequency of maintenance required. Excess leaf litter and general debris in box or eaves gutters is the biggest problem which will accelerate corrosion and cause avoidable overflow situations causing damage to your property.

If you’re looking for experience and the quality you deserve MP Roofing Services will deliver everytime.

MP Roofing covers Sydney Metro and other areas can be serviced upon request.

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